Crete is the largest of the Greek islands and the fifth largest in Europe. The visitor will be charmed by its unparalleled wild beauty and its genuine people, as the Cretans embody the true Idea of Greek hospitality.

Crete is a place of inexhaustible richness. Every region of the island is ideal for exploration. The island has more than 100 beaches and it's characterized by a huge variety of natural landscapes. It offers ultra-modern and luxurious tourist facilities while it provides hundreds of viable solutions in the field of accommodation and food. The stunning Mediterranean cuisine with its famous traditional dishes along with the Cretan raki tantalise your appetite and mood. In Crete you will be guided in Minoan palaces and Byzantine churches while you will explore Venetian and Turkish fortresses. After all, this journey is definitely an experience which you will want to repeat at least once in your life!


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